The Wheels Are Spinning!!

So busy day around these parts.  Hubby is on duty so no break from the kiddos in sight until some time on Friday.  We made it through are day safely, and with only minor potty train accidents.  That screams victory at our house.  Dinner was left overs because Daddy was on the ship, so no reason for me to cook myself a meal.  The kids still really do not eat enough for me to justify cooking a meal with no other adults at the house.

Then my friends tells me I should market one of my skills.  She may be right on with that thought.  So my brain is spinning 90 miles an hour with questions.

  1. What would I call my business?
  2. Is that name already taken on the web?
  3. Would people really want to buy that from me?
  4. How would I start it off?
  5. Do I build a client list first, or start on the product?
  6. When is a realistic goal to launch my product?
  7. Will my husband think I am insane?
  8. Will this benefit my family in the long run?
  9. Why did I never think of this my self?
  10. Then just a general AHHHHHH??? As I sit here pondering all of the above.

I am a total “A” personality.  I love to make list, and I have notebooks all over my house.  The good news is with the hubby on duty I can stay up making list about this pending venture, and not feel guilty.  I tend to feel guilty when I don’t make some time every night for the hubby.  I think that having spouse time every night is important.  Ecspecially when the military makes sure he has duty every four days.


The Mass Update Part Two

So if the previous update on kid happenings was not enough here comes the rest of the update.  Keep in mind that some of the things here happened simultaneously with the boys having their run through the illness list. I think I dealt pretty well with everything that went on while we were out and about.  The hubby did manage to get a lot of his qualifications completed while we were gone.  He is still waiting on one board, but that is not in his control.

So at one point after the ear infections and respiratory  infections, but before the chicken pox and strep throat! The check engine light and TCS light came on in my van.  OH JOY! Not really I mean I knew it needed a tune up, but was not pleased with the warning lights.  So I took it in to get it fixed up.  All fixed up, and lots of money later the van is ready to go.  So as I am packing the van to leave for the second time I get called into the house.  K1 now has developed the chicken pox visibly.  We concluded that his chicken pox fever must have been masked by the strep throat fever so we thought he got out of them.  Glad I got the kids vaccinated for that! Oh well moving on.

housewifePicture from

I decided to pack up my now itchy kid anyway and start my drive back home.  By this time we were already delayed by several days, and I just wanted to get home before anything else could spring up.  We hit the road later than I wanted to, but we were still on the road.  After driving until about midnight with multiple stops for K1 to pee, get gas, and walk the dogs we were not as far as I had hoped.  All in all the drive was uneventful and we made it home safe and sound.  Only down side was we arrived while hubby was on duty so we had to wait until morning to see him.

I guess about two days after getting home we decided to go out for breakfast.  At first the gas pedal on the van was sticky.  After checking it out we blamed the extreme change in climate and temperature over a short time, and we continued on to breakfast.  On the way home the idle was not quite right, and the van kept revving up then dropping down it was odd.  After the boys took naps we decided to run over to the Navy Exchange to pick something up.  The van then proceeded to get worse as we arrived at the parking lot.  I spent the rest of the day googling the vans symptoms.  That weekend we drove it over to my brother-in-laws house he looked at it, and blamed the timing so we would have to take it in as we don’t know anyone with the tools to fix that.  So another chunk of money later, and the van is running smoothly again.  Now we just have to get a slow oil leak from the oil pan drain plug fixed.  That however is waiting until I find some money after one of these pay days.

To check out how I did on my weight loss and fitness journey visit Healthy Family Fitness .  I think that gets everyone up to date.  Now hopefully back to regular posting on both blogs.  I really think we have to be over that first of the year hill we were climbing up.  Thanks for reading, and leave me a comment to let me know you stopped by.